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Established by Henri Denogent over 70 years ago, Denogent SA parks-gardens-swimming pools has steadily grown and now employs 130 people. The firm is still a family-owned company directed by the founder’s descendents.

A leader in Switzerland in the areas of design, development and maintenance of exterior spaces, the company is keenly attuned to the needs and expectations of an extensive public and private clientele.

Day in and day out, through its projects and developments, the firm provides the most appropriate solutions for an extremely broad variety of situations.

Contemporary gardens

Denogent takes a sober, uncluttered, dynamic approach to its contemporary projects, combining a subtle array of vegetation with an elegant selection of stones. This clear vision gives a modern property a worthy setting.

Traditional gardens

Be it regular or landscaped, the harmony of a traditional garden depends on specific rules of composition, a finely honed display of architectural forms and textures of vegetation. Denogent is proud to count a large number of traditional gardens among its references.

Parks and estates

Cut out of the surrounding landscape, a corner of nature can become a creative space giving free rein to the imagination. A pleasing contrast between the natural flow of the land and the shaping of forms rising from the surface works to draw the eye and the spirit to endless horizons, well beyond the limits of the property.

Historic gardens

Denogent’s experience in the conservation and restoration of historic gardens is highly regarded. The firm’s specialists work with historians, archaeologists and dendrologists to develop projects that are rigorously backed by science.

Vegetable gardens

Although a vegetable garden may be utilitarian, it is still – and above all – a garden. Its formal demands go beyond simple household concerns. The beds must be convenient yet visually pleasing, and the distribution of vegetables, flowers and fruit trees must be balanced. Denogent has designed a long line of vegetable gardens and responds to the increasing popular movement to grow one’s own vegetables, flowers and fruit.

Roof gardens

Because every area deserves embellishment, Denogent has also become an expert at transforming often unattractive spaces, such as flat rooftops, into lovely “suspended” gardens while mastering the technical constraints inherent in this type of project.

Public gardens

Above all, a public space is one that attracts a great deal of traffic. The keys to successful park planning include: defining the targeted public, specifying the park’s function and integration into the surrounding environment, selecting the materials and vegetation on the basis of practicality and their resistance to wear and tear.


When designing playgrounds for children and teens, safety issues are a priority. Denogent calls on the top equipment suppliers and manufactures in the field. Its projects meet the strictest European safety standards.

Hotel gardens

The Swiss hotel industry includes well-known establishments that regularly call on Denogent when creating or rehabilitating their outdoor spaces. Today, the reputation the firm has built up in the hotel sector goes well beyond its national borders.

Institutional gardens

The development of exterior spaces for institutions, renowned watch manufacturers and multinational industrial companies is a demanding challenge Denogent successfully undertakes with growing frequency.


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